Saturday, May 05, 2012

I'm not dead yet.

I'm back, bitches world. 

Does anyone even still read this? I highly doubt so. I think even my mom, who happens to be my number one stalker, doesn't even come here anymore. Unless, of course, I make a public announcement on Facebook/Twitter about my return to the blogosphere. Which, I must warn you, will be brief, due to the my A levels beginning in a week. 

I do apologise for my absence here in the past two months though. Well, what can I say, we all know what the reason is. If it isn't school then it's other stuff like, I don't know, my social life maybe? Well if it's neither homework or friends then it's probably plain laziness.

But I guess, he is the main culprit. Blame him, blame him!

Can you believe we're almost halfway through with the year? It still hasn't entirely hit me that I am starting university in September. University. Oh, the sound of it. 

Shopping for May Ball stuff with Alison and Jaycee today just sort of gave me a reality kick. May Ball is just a week away! As much as I am excited for it, I really don't want it to come, because.. well, my exams begin two days later. I know, I know, a terrible weekend to have a prom, but hey, I didn't choose the date. Which explains why a lot of the Lower Sixth aren't coming, because their first paper (which, I am resitting for) begins on Monday. 

But, hell no, I ain't missing my prom. I was considering it though, until Zainab said that I wouldn't be able to study if I stayed home anyway because my mind will be at the May Ball. Good enough an excuse, I suppose.

My exams aren't the only reason I'm not excited about May Ball coming up so soon. This will be one of our last Abbey events together. Leaving Abbey is going to be bittersweet, as much as I was reluctant to come here initally. The bunch of friends I have here, they're as good as family. Sure we will keep in touch, we will have gatherings, but, it won't be the same anymore.

But still. May Ball! Pretty stoked about it. I volunteered to be part of the committee, though I hardly do shit, other that publicising it and making announcements regarding the May Ball on Facebook. And persuade people to come. Rose has been doing most of the work, making arrangements with the hotel rep, getting decorations, the logistics, basically. That unofficially makes her the head of the team, I suppose. Not that she doesn't deserve it. She's gaining too little credit for all her work. 

Too much has happened since I last posted, stuff in school, and stuff outside school. One of it being me attending the Bersih rally in London last week. Where I met this freelance journalist who writes for the Malaysian Insider. We sent a couple of emails to each other, and she sent me this really inspiring article she wrote, which in turn, inspired me to blog again. 

And I thought, hm, I actually do love writing, although I suck balls at it. Especially since I haven't written a proper essay in such a long time. But yeah, we'll see. Maybe during the summer, when I have a bit of free time, brush up my writing skills or something. 

So Little Miss December, you have Miss Emily Ding, the freelance journalist I met, to thank for your resuscitation. 

Suet Tyng

Sunday, February 19, 2012

When all you wanted was to be wanted, wish you could go back and tell yourself what you know now.

Out of curiosity, I decided to read some of my really old blog posts, like Form 1 old, because the other day I was looking at my old photos and I'm like, hm, maybe I should reread all the shit I posted up back then. I really shouldn't have, because...
... I really did write a lot of shit. 

And then, as I scrolled down,
...I was like, I didn't realise I wrote THAT much shit. 

The further I went..

And when I couldn't take it anymore.. 

I'm sure by now someone would have clicked "2006" at the links beside to see exactly what kind of crap I was talking about. Uh, I can explain. Which is what I'll do right now. 
I can't even put the stupidity of it all in words. I mean, okay, when you're Form 1 you're supposed to be immature and shit, but, heck, Suet Tyng, really? 
To save everyone from the trouble (and horror) from reading the 2006 rubbish, here's a little bit of the monstrosity I released into the cyber world 5 years plus ago. 

"I'm feeling excited and I have no idea why....
I dunno i dunno i dunno i dunno!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do you have to leave me on this empty swing??????????????????"

Okay first of all that doesn't even make sense. I'm writing about how excited I am and then I complain about, someone, apparently, ditching me in the playground. Alright, so, the empty swing part is a song, really, I just kinda modified the lyrics, more like translated, actually. Next, how on earth can I be on an empty swing, because if I'm sitting on the swing, it can't be empty, can it?
Raping people's minds before it was cool. Wow, twelve year old Suet Tyng, just wow. 

"I wonder if I'll ever find my angel??"

Nope honey, you'll never will, because you will find yourself romantically barren for the next 6 years or so of your life, and then when you reach the age of 18 you start to lose hope and you are going to start thinking about stuff like celibacy and adoption, as you realise that there is quite a high chance of you dying a spinster (and a virgin), and you are going to convince yourself that you will be happy living the rest of your life that way.
But, then you will think, who knows what surprises God has in store for you. 

"I know I cannot lie to myself.I AM seriously hurt.

My hopes were flying so high,I was ready to soar too,but unfortunately,my wings were taken away......

Maybe I shouldn't have hoped at all.Maybe I shouldn't had let my hopes soared....

I should have locked them up away in my heart...."

Oh wow, Suet Tyng, I see you were a bird once. Now you're just a.. chicken. Or a turkey which can't fly because apparently someone chopped off your wings. Or a penguin. Or an ostrich.
And yes, I was upset about something, I'm not gonna say what, all I have to say is that, it was a terribly stupid thing to be upset about and it wasn't worth a single tear I had shed back then. 

*posts picture of self in the bus during field trip* of my best shots....and its sideways!But I look really ugly lar.....

Okay I just totally contradicted myself there, because I said it was a good shot, and then I said I didn't look good in it?! By the way, the second sentence was right, I did look terrible, why on earth did I even dare say it was a good shot. Fail, Suet Tyng, epic fail. 

"I shall just drift off to my perfect dream world......"

"Perfect dream world"?! Hm okay fine, this one can be forgiven, because when you are twelve or thirteen years old you are meant to be having little girl fantasies and posting little girl stuff. So I'm not going to say like, "God why was I so stupid", because that's where you learn not to be stupid. 

But. My patience for my thirteen year old self only goes so far. Some things I did, I just cannot forgive myself. 

"I hate it I hate it I hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I hate being scolded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dont wanna talk about it anymore.....
And I always thought I was Miss Goody goody 2 Shoes
Not to say I'm perasan or what,but...its true what!

Can you see the lala word I used?? TWICE???
If that's not bad enough, I used AIKZZZZZZZZZ.
And guess what the title of the post was. 

At the rate I was going, I might as well have been one of them.
By the way, the girl on the left, that's a cool Donald Duck uh, necklace. 

Or, I might as well have been typing like tHiS. Or lik3 dis. oR lIkE dAt. 

Ya, y dun I just type laike dat 4eva. Since I so kool. Going shopping in Sg Wang n all. Bought a pink colour dress 2day. ^^V Wu Chun so lengzaiiiiiii and kawaiiii. N I luv Twilight! I wan 2 b Edward's Bella. Jacob also very lengzaiii lorhs. <3 
I luv u for a thousand years, I'll luv u 4 a thousand moreeeee.... 
Ok la I have 2 go sleep dy, I got skool tomolo! AIKZ.... I dun wanna go! >< 

Oh dear God, why. And I just ruined Christina Perri's A Thousand Years. Sorry Christina Perri. And to everyone who loved that song. Which is, by the way, becoming really overplayed. 

But, no. Seriously. 

Yeah, 9gag. I'm becoming such a geek. Next thing we know, I'm up at 3 am playing HON or Starcraft with the boys. 

Well I'm not saying I've got perfect writing skills now but, oh dear, was I that bad a writer back then? I mean, when I read my Form 2 posts they weren't THAT horrible. They were awful, but, not laughable like my Form 1 ones. Oh my. 
Still. It all serves as good memories. And lessons. It's a good thing I did that, rereading my old posts, to (cliche alert) remind myself of who I was a few years back, and have a good laugh at the stupid things I did. 
For example, "Aikz". Huh, come to think of it, that isn't very funny, actually. 

Suet Tyng

P.S. Half term was amazing, I can't believe it's all ending. It too, deserves a post on its own. Just like Switchfoot. Which is like, 3 months overdue. 

P.P.S. Wicked is one of the most amazing musicals ever. Period. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Dong dong qiang!

7.30 am. Alarm rings, but I go back to sleep until I hear Alison getting up at 7.50. Alison washed up while I laze around in bed for a bit, and then it's my turn to shower. By the time I'm done Alison's already left for her C3 exam. I put on the new blouse I bought from the Hollister sales on Saturday, pack my stuff in the green backpack I've been using since I got here, put on my red coat and leave home. Put on my earphones and walked to Costa with Bruno Mars serenading me. What a weirdo I must have looked, red coat, blue skirt, green backpack. 
I would have brought a smaller bag but my laptop might just break my bag, and I needed the laptop to Skype with my family at Yeh Yeh's house on this special day. You might ask, why can't you just Skype them at home? If you don't already know, I've been using the crappy public Wi-Fi back home, I haven't got the Internet in my room fixed just yet. So I have to drag my laptop all the way to Costa to leech their Wi-Fi. ^^ And get some breakfast. 
By the time I get online Mun and all have already left Yeh Yeh's house, so I didn't get to see them. ;( But I did get to see my dear old gramps, so. And every year a small part of me gets scared, because I know I don't have a lot of years left with him, I mean, come on, he's 92 this year. But he's looking good, so, yeah, God willing he may get to see his great grandchildren. 
Just as I was done Skyping with the one hour Costa Wifi, the people who finished C3 walked into Costa, and all of us went to the Norman House cafe together. Jiann Lee, Jaycee and Ng studied their Econs while Kok Weng and I were just like, ._. 
The Lower Sixth and 18 Month students had a Chinese New Year assembly this morning, but we weren't there cos Upper Sixth students are supposed to be on study leave. We were invited though, just that we were too lazy to go. I guess this new Pastoral Care Vice Principal is doing a pretty good job even though she can be a bit of a bitch, I mean, last year, all we got was an email saying that we don't get holiday for Chinese New Year. -.- Guess the school realised the fact that around 80% of the students observe this festival, I mean, more than half of the student population are Chinese and Vietnamese. And don't forget the Malaysians, Singaporeans and Thais as well, even though we are a small part of the student community. 
But yeah, second CNY away from home, you'd think the second year won't be as hard. Heck no it isn't. There isn't a moment where I don't wish I were home with the rest of my family right now. 
But I guess, life doesn't work the way you want it to. 
Sigh. Have a lovely time eating pineapple tarts and collecting angpows, guys. ;( 

And hope the year of the Water Dragon treats everyone well! :)

Suet Tyng 

P.S. Arsenal lost 2-1 to Man U yesterday. Argh, not a good year for Arsenal, looks like. 

Friday, January 06, 2012

How can I love when I'm afraid to fall?

Hello everyone! Page 6 of 366 just begun on this side of the world, hope it's gonna be a great one! Hope 2012 has been treating everyone alright!
I guess every internet user in the corner of the Earth would have come across Timothy Tiah's really sweet meme proposal video at least once in their internet lifetime. Well, every internet user in Malaysia at least? This video came out like, last month, and I posted it on Facebook and Twitter. I have to admit that posting it up here didn't really cross my mind, I'M SO SORRY BLOG, I HAVE BEEN ABANDONING YOU. ;( It's just that recently I came across another proposal video, it was done on an American reality show and it was really exaggerated! Like seriously, there was a dancing mob and all and the girl just won't stop crying. -.- Okay la, I mean, even if it was just a simple one she would probably have cried her eyeballs out anyway, she was being proposed to for goodness' sake. In comparison to this meme proposal it was definitely more lavish and the guy must have spent a hell lot of money to arrange it.

For some reason I can't get the embed for the video so we'll just have to make do with the link! It's titled "Best Wedding Proposal Ever" and I'm like, hah. No. More like, "Most Exaggerated Wedding Proposal Ever".

This, my friends, is the real shiz. 

"But, I love you, and, I think you're my soul mate.."

Those few words, cheesy as hell, yet somehow, when he said it, that did it for me. It sounded so genuine, so sincere and obviously not scripted at all. I could hear him say it from the bottom of his heart and even though the rest of his speech sounded pretty normal and, I may add, corny, it still managed to make me tear, and I do dare say that never in my life, have I ever cried watching a proposal scene on TV or anything. It just also occurred to me that I have never actually witnessed a proposal in real life, ever! So I guess when I saw this, it seemed like the most beautiful thing ever. Not that it isn't anyway.

I guess if you aren't a frequent 9gag reader the memes might be a bit hard to understand, but it doesn't take a genius to understand the message he's trying to get across.

Apparently this video is so popular all over the world, even Ryan Seacrest and Christina Perri have seen it! It seems that Ryan Seacrest came across it and shared it on Twitter or something, hence the popularity.

And they both are bloggers! More the reason to love them. This is the post on the proposal on Audrey's blog and Tim's blog! 

I am so happy for them even though they are complete strangers to me! They are going to be so happy growing old together. Congratulations Tim and Audrey! :D

Suet Tyng

Monday, January 02, 2012

We won't be seventeen forever.

Hello guys! This is my first 2012 post! Happy new year people! This is just gonna be a short one, just a summary on my 2011 and a little update. I know I haven't done a lot of other posts, it will probably come up soon, because Switchfoot deserves a post on its own. 
So, I arrived in Cambridge last night! For those of you who didn't know I was back in Malaysia for two weeks (well, one actually, the other week was spent on vacation overseas) for my Christmas break! I also managed to get my probationary driver's license, right before I turned 18! Which is a miracle, actually, considering I made the examiner so pissed during my road test. Hopefully I'd still be able to drive when I get back in the summer!
At Kok Weng's place now, because Alison and I crashed his place as our room in Purbeck is in a mess due to works going on in our bathroom. Also, I lost my house keys heh, gonna have to go and get a duplicate.

Okay, considering I have done this for the past two years or so, I guess summing up my year will become an annual thing from now on. So, what I did on my seventeenth year?

As everyone knows, I started my 2011 in a land that is over 10000 km away from home and 8 hours behind everyone else. 
So where did I live? A little nice house in Cambridge, which I shared with..

6 guys and 3 girls. 
Despite the shit we had to go through sometimes, like the school food and PMS-ing warden, I had a lovely six months there.

Which led me to gaining a whole bunch of bros, due to the fact that out of the 14 Malaysians, 8 of them were guys. 

At the same time, not forgetting my lovely bunch of homeys back home. 

The lovely bunch of girls who have stuck with me since 2006, including June, Sam, Tzi and Jia Jen who aren't in here. 

My main source of entertainment back in 5C.

Not forgetting the family.

On side note, I dissected a lamb's heart! 

Became a tour guide in Cambridge, albeit bad at it. 

May ball! 

And in the summer, we had a lovely cookout by the river! 

Got my first work experience! Picture here with the Taylor's uhh, colleagues. Gosh it feels weird saying that. 

Tried something new. 

Started another school year in the same year. And found out that my school has a thing for barbecues.
We had one for the end of the school year, and another one in September when we came back after the summer. 

Celebrated something I usually celebrate with family, with a family of a different kind away from home. 

Fireworks Night 2011.

Got to see one of my most favourite bands in the world. <3 

And also The Sleeping Beauty ballet in the Royal Opera House in London, oh so posh. 

Malaysian food fest!

And I got to visit one of my most favourite places in the world for the second time!
Taken at Kiyomizu temple, Kyoto. 

And we started 2012 with a bang.

Happy new year guys. 2012 is gonna be good. :)

Okay, one week of hardcore driving and another a week in Japan has left me far behind in my studying, and I've got an exam in January! This means I won't be back for awhile, so, yeah, be patient for the next post! :)

Suet Tyng

Can you believe it has been exactly a year? 

Monday, December 12, 2011

You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine, just own the night like the 5th of November.

Guy Fawkes Night, 5/11/2011

Also known as Bonfire Night or Fireworks Night. November 5th is the day Guy Fawkes was arrested, and the English (although some countries also observe this day) celebrate this day because well, in history, Guy Fawkes isn’t portrayed as a very nice guy (haha, pun intended). It seems that he and another bunch of people were trying to blow up the Parliament, and he got caught while guarding the explosives underneath the House of Lords. So people celebrate the failure of this plan, and nowadays there’d be fireworks and bonfires and funfairs and people would go to pubs and drink.

Truth is, I barely knew about this until about a week before the thing, when Gasem mentioned it during Bio. In Cambridge, the main celebrations were at this huge field called Midsummer’s Common, and when we got there that day, there was this huge fair with rides and tents. Sachy, Alison, Ng and I got there first, then Jiann Lee and Han Jun, and then Geoffrey and Kok Weng. Later that evening we joined another bunch of Abbey kids, and most of them are from my Bio class. 

Midsummer's Common! :D

There was initially a slight drizzle when we were walking there, but it stopped when we got there. Thank God for that. There was this fire show, which we didn’t get to see cos, well, we were hanging out at the meeting point waiting for the rest we didn’t even realise there was a show. It was a very uh, quiet show too, cos we totally didn't hear anything other than the crowd until the announcer was like, ‘thank you blah blah blah for the fantastic fire show’ and we were like, ‘huh, there was a show?’ Haha.

Soon after that was the fireworks, which was about fifteen minutes long! And like all fireworks are, IT WAS SO PRETTY! Gosh I love fireworks. Then again, WHO DOESN'T? 

Baby, you're a firework. 
C'mon let your colours burst. 
Make em go, "Oh, oh, oh."
You're gonna leave em going "Oh, oh, oh". 
Boom, boom, boom, even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.
It's always been inside of you, and now it's time to let it through. 
Us! :) 
After the fireworks they lit the bonfire, but nothing much there so we went on the rides! Perhaps we should have gone earlier if we were gonna go on the rides though, cos it was so, so crowded. I got separated from my group twice, because everyone was literally squeezing their way past each other. I honestly don’t know how everyone else managed to stay together. It’s not nice getting lost in a huge crowd. L And especially not nice if an angmoh lashes out at you while you’re trying to get past. This crazy woman pushing her baby in a pram scolded me just because I was trying to get past. I mean, geez, all I said was ‘excuse me’. Of course, you’d get pretty frustrated too if everyone’s trying to squeeze between you and some random stranger so I don’t blame her really. She wasn’t exactly ‘scolding’ me anyway, she just wasn’t very nice about it and everyone else was like telling her to chill and all and I just walked away. Probably did it cos she was racist or something. -.-

The bonfire. 
Found my group and off we went to the rides! The first ride was something called "Oblivion", which was, I quote Alison, like ‘a pendulum gone crazy’. Haha. 

You probably understand why she said that by now. 
After that, we went on more rides, most of which were surprisingly quite scary even though they didn't look it! There was one ride where Alison and I were screaming throughout the whole thing while everyone else was just like, ._. after a minute or so.
But yeah, I'm a puss, and I'm not afraid to admit it.
Didn't get to go on this. 1) Too scary looking, 2) No cash. 
Apparently it wasn't as scary as it looks. :/ Hm. 

By the time everyone was done with the rides I think they were on the verge of  throwing the guts up. 

Guess not everyone. Ng might have though. 

Bumper cars! Which we sadly didn't get to go on. :/ 

With Alison and Sachy.
Around 10 pm the fair closed, so we went for dinner! Well, supper actually. The whole bunch of us Abbey kids were famished and decided to go to KFC. We were praying really hard they weren't closed, and turns out they weren't! Ah thank goodness. :)

By the way, no one has a clue on who that girl with the blue hoodie and glove is.  She's just some random stranger who randomly joined the photo. -.-
Well, we were at KFC, and Alison is vegetarian so she bought her dinner from the Tesco next door. Heh. 
With Anthony and, apparently, Jiann Lee as well. -.- 
The Penang besties. I swear, they fight more than a married couple does. -.-
Jiann. :) 
The big baby lol. 
Walked home after dinner and Sachy stayed over during the weekend! She's been staying over at our place almost every weekend now. Earlier that day she was in London, and she thoughtfully bought us fruit tarts, so when we got home Alison, Sachy and I had dessert! :9

And Alison conveniently had ice cream in the freezer.  
Sigh, as if I'm already not fat enough. If I hang out some more with these two Penang kids God knows how much more weight I'd put on. :P 

Fireworks Night - it was original, cannot be replaced. ;) 

Suet Tyng